Fact Checking

Which Crypto-Coin to Buy?

Along with the rise of Bitcoin, and other major digital currencies ( Etherium, light coin, Bitcoin cash etc.. ) last year, lot of start up and IPO on coins were introduced in the market. Large number of millennial’s were in some extent involved in this crypto trading.  Day trading  as well ! I remember.. novice economists applying Wyckoff’s law, law of head and solders and  moving average and so on on  the  price distribution graph. Some worked while some didn’t. It Seemed as if everyone was following the same rule so that the law seemed to work. Some people were were selling the projections on the coins , the future price and the saturation point. But one thing was missed amid all those noise. I am pretty sure some individuals with shrewd art of noticing noted this but not all noticed that the value of platform coins were always proportionately increasing. Their price will go higher as long as the trading platform exists.