Discipline -The Key to Success

Day dreaming , wishful thinking and setting a goal is good if we adhere to the rules that makes those whishes a reality.


Chase-The Inner You!

New year 2021 started with the realization of high maintenance relationship. The one that required greater effort to keep it smooth and the one that felt a bit awkward \uneasy at times despite doing the right thing at the right time. Almost towards the middle age of the life journey, the blossom of wisdom and the audacity to loosen the sensitivity towards those type of relation give me a good feeling. The determination is great and the outlook is independent. I have started seeking the interdependent in a different direction in a completely new vision.. Win-Win..

The relationship with mere sense of obligation only are not fruitful.. they tend to fade on with time ; no matter how long you wanted to keep is seamless.

Chase your inner relationship. with you.. the body mind and soul.. Keep the focus on you. Chase the inner you.. Success follows your way.


Recession and the Psychology

The news about potential recession by the end of 2020 is all over the internet now a days. Even corporate are issuing less bonuses this year in an effort to surplus their budget to maintain the workforce  for future. This is one side of the story. Now the other perspective is that there will be more bonus and hikes next year due to the plunge this year.  These are all rumors that is mentally affecting people to make financial decision that they would not normally made if there was no recession

The rumor about, so called , inevitable recession will help plunge the financial markets; just because people are scared of it and will secure their investments , limit spending and risk-less investment.. In essence the money-mobility will be curtailed. In a way recession might not be coming or  wouldn’t be that bad but the buzz will definitely adds to it.

Security is the next in the row of the basic fundamentals and priorities of sustainable life; food, shelter and cloth. Human beings by nature looks for security be it a moral, social or financial. This is the inheritance concept. This will reach it’s boiling point if not close, when we see our self susceptible to a life event of a financial instability. We save and we save. This breaks the economical cycle that is build on the circulation of money. The more the spending, the more the jobs, better financially stability and security.  Rumors of recession and the psychological triggers for saving for the uncertainty becomes a add in factor in  doubling the recession.

Simple example; People don’t eat out, Restaurants can’t pay the monthly mortgage, and their staffs, they fire workers and file for bankruptcy. If worse, bank  files for help with the federal reserve, GOVERNMENT RESCUES but the county goes into debt.

Let’s clean out the cotter from our head so that there is no psychological add on to the recession. Lets be prudent on the economical and monetary matters that affect the market. Let’s all save ourselves. There is always a way out. We all are in it altogether.

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Thought of Day-Refresh Yourself!

Should you be worried when life takes a difficult turn!!!

It’s been a new norm or may be more of  a habit of worrying about things that are not in our control. We are worried about our future, career, relationships, plans and if they would be\go perfect. Its good to be practical, plan wise, and think logical while making a rational decision but absolutely a blunder to be petrified when things goes south. As the saying goes, not everything is perfect and equal, see the figures in your hand, the pinkie  is the lest used and the smallest one.

When a person is fired from a job, lost someone special or fails in business, at a glance everything is blacked out. It feel as if that’s the end of career. People become delusional and do not know where to start and how to start. However, things are not that bad as it looks like, Everyone can and should do a fresh start.  Few things one should consider

  1. Reflect back, take time to evaluate and see where you really messed up and think of actions you could have done better to avoid the catastrophe.
  2. If you don’t find yourself at guilt or the reason of failure, just let it go and start a new life, new profession, learn new skills, meet people from different arena than you are used to. It makes you feel good.
  3. Share your emotions and experience, the burden will be lifted and you feel released and relief.
  4.  Let your failure be a success, start a meet up. its not late for anything to do it over or do it differently. Don’t let the devil sallow your eternal creativity. Don’t dwell on your failure or the suffering due to an event, don’t let you quality time taken by the things that were never in your control. Flow with the time and think positive. Keep doing something; write , read, play sports, travel places  do whatever; but keep your life moving.
  5. Next time you run into situation like this, step back and think twice. Feel free and good about the decision you made, every decision is the best decision at the time you made because there are lot of unknown variables with multidimensional complexities. These type of problems of life have variable solution.
  6. Life is full of fun, its always sunny in some parts of  the world. Don’t get afraid by the temporary darkness  in your way of success and eternity.  Live your life full of grace. Life is too short to dwell on the things that are not in your control and there is no going back. Feel good that things happen that way, its a great learning curve, a free life education that is not taught in school.
  7. Keep moving on, keep smiling, keep working, be generous, be humble and laugh more,  make your enemy jealous.


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Digital Currency- Next Generation Market ?

Is Digital currency the next big thing; the transformation of physical money market, or would it become a commodity or it’s just a craze that tarnishes with time?

There are numerous opinion on Cryptocurrency. Some people vouch, it’s just a confusing scam; a strategic way to collect funds for some special interest. It can vanish any time and there is no place to complain about it. Whereas some see it as a revolution in money market, it’s the future of digital currency. It’s not the bubble like “.com” and “housing ” market that collapsed. Its  the next big thing in technology transformations.

The surge, volatility, and massive transactions in the digital exchange mostly illuminate the foreseeable future of Digital Currency. The bounce back of major currencies after falling so low also adds to the notion that digital currency is here to stay. There is no doubt that there are various experiments and research on the block chain process; a technology that is the foundation of Crypt-currency; mocking called the crazy market. Could there be innovations that changes the conventional way of transactions? Most banks, facilitating the crypto market transactions with ease of access to funds, suggests that they might have their stake in the technology and it could transform  the way business transactions are performed.  If this is the case, we can say we are destined to see the transformation in the near future.

Would the digital coin be regulated by government? Would every government have their own digital currency? Will Bitcoin be the next gold ? This is yet to be seen. However with rumors that various governments are set to disclose their own currency, and greater public acceptance of the digital currency, we could see changes in future.