Attributes of Leadership

Everybody in this world is a follower of someone. Even the ones we call leader would have been a follower of something, someone or some ideology. You only become a leader if you follow. Sounds strange ! but yes ! if you see it in a retrospect, perhaps you can see where you stand now and where you were had you followed someone\something you admire. It is amazing to see how things change when you passion for at least following . It does not matter what you follow. You will see tremendous progress and development in that sector. Leadership consists of mainly two actors;

  1. Leader
  2. Everybody Else

Leader could be a group of people or a single individual depending on the situation and circumstances. In an organization, leader is a whole management team. Within the management team there is an individual who leads the team. He is the leader. He makes the final decision. He innovates solutions to problem. Orchestrate the execution strategy and goal achievement. Similarly, in public, arts and political arena. A leader installs hope and dreams on the “Everyone else”. He shows the unseen, tells the unbelievable and does the unprecedented. but tries to  move the ball rolling forward closer to the vision he made you dream about.

The Everybody Else is an essential and an integral part and an actor of the leadership universe. They are the ones who make a leader, they are the reason leader exists at the first place. It is very essential to understand the value of this “Everyone else” group. They are one ones who actually makes the dream come true. Say for example, in a vehicle, the steering shows the way but it’s the engine and the associated parts that actually makes the vehicle moving towards the steering direction.

So the moral here is you are who you are.. Either a leader or an Everybody Else, You can build your value and brand by following simple but passionate activities. You will ultimately be a leader in that field.



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