Anatomy of Leadership

Irrespective of who we are; a businessman, a politician, a philosopher, an educator, an inventor, a farmer, a normal person or the rest of all, we all have a leadership quality built-in with us. In a family, head of household is  a leader; in classroom ,a captain is a leader; in a society,  a congress man is a leader; in state, a governor is a leader; in a country, head of the country (President, King, Prime Minister etc.. ) is a leader. Everyone is a leader at some point in their life, everyone has the inherit quality to influence, govern or guide some one or some cause. After all we all are leaders. The only question is how far reaching is ones leadership attribute and talent that defines one, and ones leadership rank and outreach.

Attributes of Leadership

  1. The Leader
  2. Everyone Else

The type of leader and our leadership shine depends mainly on the two factors; number of followers one has, and a record history of success. Leadership is a quality of bringing people together. Its about providing a clear solution to a problem. Its about accepting the challenge and work rationally to overcome it. Real world problems are multidimensional with range of multi variable complexity, the quicker you accept the fact the closer you are to the solution of it. Leadership is about building bridges and extending support.  Its about helping people understand the cause; shine the dungeon of ignorance with the radiant of wisdom and virtue of prosperity.



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